Dimensions H x W x D 107 x 60 x 19mm
Weight Including Battery and Antenna 173g
Battery Removable 2300 mAh IMPRES Li-Ion
Battery Performance Duty Cycle 5/5/90 > 20 Hours (380-430MHz) / > 19 Hours (800MHz)
Duty Cycle 5/35/60 > 17 Hours
Speech Loudness at 30cm: 94 Phon
Audio Output Power at Rated / Max: 0.9 W
Audio Distortion at Rated: 1.0 %
Frequency Bands 380-430 MHz, 800 MHz
Transmitter RF Power Class 3L (1.8W) & Class 4 (1W)
Receiver Class A and B
Rx Static Sensitivity (UHF) UHF: -116dBm (min); -118dBm (typical)
800 MHz: -114dBm (min); -116dBm (typical)
Rx Dynamic Sensitivity UHF: -107 dBm (min); -109 dBm (typical)
800 MHz: -105 dBm (min); -107 dBm (typical)
Operating Temperature °C -20 to +55
Storage Temperature °C -30 to +85
Humidity ETS 300-019-1-7 Class 7.3E, MIL STD 810 F, G
Dust and Water Ingress Protection IP54 (All Connectors are IP67 Rated)
Dust, Driving Rain Protection
Shock, Drop and Vibration ETS 300-019 1-7 class 5M3; MIL-STD 810 F/G


Discreet Style
Customer-facing staff can now enjoy the benefit of clear and effective voice communications in   a form factor as sophisticated as their professional attire. The ST7000 small TETRA radio provides uncompromising coverage with a hybrid internal and external antenna system, all in a compact, elegant and discreet design. Small enough to fit in a pocket, the ST7000 practically disappears when worn.

Easy to Use
The ST7000 was designed for ease of use by combining the best of radio functionality with the usability of a smartphone. Tactile keys are available for Push-to-Talk, volume, talkgroup and power control; a touch user interface controls the rest of the radio’s functions. A simple press of the power key reveals an OLED display and touch zones on the front of the radio. The icons light up when selected, and haptic feedback is provided, simulating the feel and responsiveness of a physical keypad.

Uncompromising Audio Quality
Despite its small and elegant form, the ST7000 delivers uncompromising audio quality and coverage with low distortion, loud audio and 1.8W transmission power. An open speaker port and automatic gain control deliver clear audio against the loudest background noise.

Designed to Last
The ST7000’s durable design and long-life battery make it easy to survive daily work-related challenges. It’s certified to withstand dust, rain, shock and drops, with an IP54 and MIL-STD 810 F/G rating. And with a battery life of up to 20 hours, your focus remains on the job, not the clock.

Maximum Accessory Compatibility
A 3.5mm audio connector and a reversible  USB-C connector for charging provide maximum flexibility in how you listen to and charge your radio. Choose Motorola Solutions accessories for guaranteed performance and remote Push-to-Talk, or your own off-the-shelf audio accessories for a full range of options. Charging on-the-go is convenient with the new, reversible, rugged USB-C connector. Integrated Bluetooth® 4.1 wireless technology places a wide range of wireless accessories – audio headsets, Push-to-Talk buttons, smart devices and more – at your disposal, providing greater flexibility and control of the ST7000.