Performance Characteristics

  • Frequency bands


  • Channel spacing


  • Power


  • OTAR


User Environment

  • Operating temperature

    -30 to +60 °C

  • Storage temperature

    -40 to +85 °C

  • Humidity

    ETS300 019-1-7 class 7.3E, up to 95% R.H @ 50°C for 8 Hours

  • Dust and water

    IP54 (cat.2) 

  • Shock, drop and vibration

    ETS 300 019-1-7 class 5M3


  • Part of Motorola’s highly capable and industry leading TETRA Radio portfolio
  • Secure Communication for safety and protection of information
  • TMO TETRA Class 2 / 3 Air Interface Encryption (SCK, CCK, DCK, GCK)
  • Air Interface Encryption
  • End-End Encryption
  • 1W, Class 4 Tx Power
  • Whisper mode for discrete use
  • Integrated GPS option that allows users to be located in need of assistance
  • Wide range of covert accessories to give officers flexibility in the way the radio can be worn
  • Connection to extension battery for increased operational life
  • Uses the same standard battery as cellular handsets
  • CPS-Lite facility for changing the talk groups with a TETRA PDA
  • Unique body worn double-loop antenna option increases range
  • Semi rigid antenna, adds flexibility in terms of how the radio can be worn